One Day in Hell

From the mean streets of Hell’s capital city to the well-appointed condominiums of the Miskatonic Valley Planned Community, these 13 stories explore where unexpected realities and familiar horrors meet. Face lifeboat economics with the unsinkable Mr. Pinneped, hunt witches in Colonial Massachusetts, dodge suicide bombers in a quiet American city, and take a guided tour of New York’s most haunted house. This book will take you places that you have never imagined and you will never forget.

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He raised his hand. Mucus hung from his fingers as if he’d just caught a copious sneeze. He looked and saw a trail of mysterious slime running thick across his driveway. It was what he had slipped on, and he just knew that his overcoat and trousers would be covered in the stuff…


The nearby Hudson River began to boil. A rain of frogs, bats, and squid, along with the corrupted fetuses of goats, pigs and lizard fell from the sky for a dozen miles in every direction. The phenomenon lasted but a moment, but many of the asylums and sanitariums in the region were filled to capacity for years afterwards with people driven mad by the experience…


Carter watched Mac Berger put food away. Somewhere in the other dining rooms, men were being overserved, mothers were letting their children run wild, the elderly were complaining in vain, but Carter couldn’t do anything for them, now. He watched the huge man, insatiable as time itself, eat. He did, Carter saw, lick the skewer…